Blaze Finance
What will happen to Blaze?
First of all, we want to remind all our users that Blaze is a Yield Farm project. So, if you're an investor, don't expect Blaze token to be the next Bitcoin or Ethereum, because it won't, it actually can't. We need you to understand the risks of a Yield Farm project, and also to understand that we can't promise you that our $0.01 token will be $10.000 tomorrow. Invest at will, and ALWAYS DYOR!
Despite that, we don't want Blaze to be a redundant token that will have no value a while after farms start. We will create more layers, and your Blaze token will be used to farm on these new layers, benefiting all Blaze holders and liquidity providers.
We are transparent. We believe that honesty is the best way to build a trustable and remarkable community, who will be of utmost importance.
Join us, support us, and together let's make sure this is a Blaze that never extinguishes.
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