Blaze Finance
Blaze Chain System
To make sure that $BLAZE won't be an obsolete token, it will be used to farm on our other layers. That way, every $BLAZE holder will benefit with the HIGHEST multiplier on the subsequent farm.
For better understandment, $BLAZE will be the main token.
On it's own farm, it's multiplier will be 60x. In the subsequent layers, $BLAZE will farm 2 times the next layer token, 4 times the token from the layer after that, 8 times the token from the layer after that, and so on.
That will also be applied to the new layer tokens, like $RBLAZE, $YBLAZE, $GBLAZE and others more to come.
But it all comes down to Blaze being the token with the highest yield farming strenght, creating a self-sustainable chain system, that benefits all $BLAZE holders.
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